Le Corbusier’s Architecture: MONASTERY – Le Couvent Sainte Marie de la Tourette


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img716Anyone would be hard pressed to decipher from the outside what this slab of concrete is. Yet it was built by one of the greatest then living architects Le Corbusier near the village of Eveux-l’Arbresle close to Lyons as a Monastery for Dominican Monks between 1953 and 1960.

Completely intact and now restored this Monastery named Le Couvent Sainte Marie de la Tourette can be visited with a guided tour and there is a hostel as well to accommodate visitors.

This is another opportunity to experience the sensibility which comes through in the article in the language Corbu used to describe the project, not his first and not his only religious building project. Look at the setting and admire the great skills of this modernist architect. The article below is from an early 60’s Horizon Magazine issue authored by Cranston Jones, no stranger to architecture, and we post it here without more comment.

img715img717img719aimg720img719bimg722img721img722aimg723img724img723APerhaps now that you know a bit more of the story the short description on the lonely planet site here will not turn you off, instead use it for what appears to be good directions to get to the place and experience first hand a bit of Corbu, irrespective of any religious beliefs.

Here is a rare film YouTube video of Le Corbusier in his Paris home and Studio. Thanks to Loranzo Sfinja!



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