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I’ll be blogging a bit about propaganda titles sitting on our bookshelf and how it relates to our perception of what we hear and see or what we read.

Have a look at this great cover with the anxiety prozac message built in: ” the only program to avoid war”, and the natural solution, THE CHOICE by Boris Shub, not subtle but effective especially with the mushroom cloud in the background. The dotted lines jump at you like on a computer ready for you to click and drag. Wow! and all of this in 1950 when the book was published. This book should be in every collection relating to propaganda, social change, engineering of the public opinion etc.

The book is an account of a United States Veteran of WWII and an advisor to the American radio station in Berlin the RIAS, similar to Radio Free Europe. Radio Liberty was used for covert operations by the West.

After 205 interesting pages the book ends with the following paragraph, “The Kremlin has been fighting us since 1945 on battlegrounds of its own choice, according to its own careful blueprint of piecemeal conquest, with the best weapons it possesses. It has forced us into endless political, economic and militairy engagements on our side of the “containment” line, with a minimum involvement to itself and a maximum dispersal and expenditure of our resources. Whatever risk we invite by our action, it is smaller than the danger we invite at present, as we mobilize, arm and wait, while Beria’s nuclear plants and hydrogen research projects bring us ever closer to the day when fifty million Americans could be destroyed in a genocidal war. It does not take an annual war budget of twenty-five BILLION dollars, interminable commitments all over the globe, the dislocation of civilian life for a generation, and a dreadful race for new weapons of world destruction to eliminate Stalin, Beria and Malenkov. It only takes the will to do so.” (end of quote)…1950 !!!