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arpenick1arpenick front2Here is some wonderful pottery made by an Armenian American potter who is no longer with us. At one time living in Florida her name was Arpenick (meaning “little sun” in Armenian) Megertichian. She came to the United States in 1955 after having lived in the Czech Republic for some time. Arpenick was born in Iran of Armenian parents and because Iran was at war in 1952 the family left for Brazil where she painted portraits on ivory.

She had her early artistic training in painting miniature portraiture in Iran and used her training to support her family in Brazil. After she arrived in Florida she took up pottery making with Charlie Brown, one of the first Raku pottery makers in the US. Only certain types of clay can be used to do Raku work and Arpenick dug her own clay. She continuously expanded her artistic horizon by taking classes with potters in England and Japan.

We have owned some of her work for more than a decade. The photograph shown above is of a large vase, 21 inches high with some Arabic inscriptions which I believe are from Armenian or Persian Folk stories. The motifs on the vase are also relating to the Iranian-Armenian Culture.