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This is what I feel a 1970’s seminal photo book Hamilton County by MacKinlay Kantor and Tim Kantor can look like.

If you can find a copy with an intact nice dust jacket it is worthwhile getting. In my opinion, it will make a good addition to any photo book collection. I can recognize a crisp in focus print anytime and so can you, even if you are not a photographer. My scanner will do only so much but have a look. The images bleed off the page, the book has numerous two page spreads entirely in black and white.

Tim Kantor’s work is in several photo collections (Eastman House) and museums. The text is what it is rambling words and phrases written by his dad a Pulitzer Prize winning author. A bit like a singer who is hoarse, but it is 1970 after all. The thought of visiting those Hamilton Counties throughout America and chatting up the “inhabitants” in pictures is Great !