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picasso cover1With so many people calling themselves artists today. I almost forgot about one of the greatest artists of our time, Picasso. Picasso did not care what anyone else would think of his work. He just worked.

This artist was versatile. When he put his mind to something he did it. Etching, lithography, ceramics and even a play, what do you mean as I think to my self a play? Yes, I did not know about his play called Desire either, and when I bought and researched this little book, I found out it was reprinted numerous times but not with this dust jacket (shown above). As far as I know, this is the one that belongs to the first English edition. This English first edition copy I found in an out of the way book dealer’s shop, in a pile of small books. Later, I showed it to my friend Jane and she cried out ” the dust jacket, what about the dust jacket “? Yes, what about it I thought.

Frantically, I tried to remember what the reference book was called that listed all the ephemera produced in Picasso’s life time, like the drawings in the French newspapers that nobody talks about. Let’s see, it was a German book and really well illustrated. Alas, as the fog clears from my memory, I remembered. I sold it a year or so ago to my friend Giorgio, a book dealer in a little “Calle” in Venezia. He has some really great stuff! I told him to “Take the book Giorgio. It has a lot of interesting information in it for you“. You guessed it, he bought it.

Then I find this little gem, Desire. Since I bought the book without its perhaps very precious dust jacket I had to find an image on the internet somewhere, which is a bit contrary to what I like to do! You know the copy/paste stuff, but at least you know the whole story now. Probably another good reason to visit Giorgio’s book shop as well.