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europeo1There is a great monthly magazine called L’ Europeo (The European) published by the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.

In the 2010 December issue there is an article covering the “New Art Scene” discussing the emergence and the opening of new markets for fine art like China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies. This issue has superb photography culled from their own Italian archives and shows artists at work in their own space. You can see the creative spark jump out off the page at you and I know I am not alone in enjoying that type of photography.

europeo2aPlease see my earlier post on the Aurelio Amendola book.

Just look at the size of Giacometti’s Sculpture  (above) or the intensity of world-renowned Lucio Fontana (below) working on his ceramics. If you were painting imagine sitting here. The entire issue is full of these types of pictures. Get a copy if you can.

europeo fontana 2aeuropeo fontanaa