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We have been chatting a bit about what I believe are superb collectible photo books from the early 60’s and 70’s. Here is another interesting book published in 1962. It is the first time a US President (Kennedy) writes an essay for a book on the creative arts and the photography is done by one agency, Magnum of course. The same  producers of this book also did the very famous Family of Man photo book and the world renowned photo show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1955. So let’s look closely at the two covers of the above books apparently borrowed from the same source.

The Family of Man‘s cover was done by the finest of the graphic designers, Leo Lionni. The cover for the Creative America was done in a similar vein by Albert Squillace. The book was produced for the National Cultural Center in Washington D.C. It is not a survey or an encyclopedia but it is an attempt to picture the circle of creation. The hardbound book (with dust jacket) has the first two pages in blue stock, two sides in white paper and a red page reflecting the colors of the American flag.

creativeamerica inside flap leftcreative america inside right


It has 128 pages. Nearly all photos are captioned and in black and white. Color photos are sparsely inserted but present. The whole book is about the creative process and has the type of photos that made the collaborative efforts of Magnum so great.