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contemp designersHow many books can you have? How many articles can you scan? If you are looking for more information, how many hours can you Google? Or use sophisticated sites like the Getty or others? Some of the things you are looking for could be in the following excellent research sources.

Macmillan Publishers Ltd. published an interesting series of books in their Contemporary Arts Series. These bound reference books were available though Gale Research Company in Detroit, Michigan. These are probably out of print but a good library either has one or all or could assist you in locating a copy.

In 1984, they published the title, Contemporary Designers (ISBN 0-8103-2036-3) shown above. This is a serious often under-used known reference work. Advisors to the series were Victor Margolin, Jack Lenor Larsen, Alessandro Mendini, and Arthur J. Pulos, among others. In 658 pages it has a short biography of some 600 designers who were still living in the 1960’s. Extensive listings include the major works by the designers as well as what was written about them, photographs in black and white of works if applicable, and the books they wrote themselves with a short synopsis by an authority in the trade on the principal impact of the designer’s works.

Other titles published in the series are (as of 1984) Contemporary Artists, Contemporary Architects, Contemporary Photographers.