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gentry magazineGentry the quarterly magazine was published in 1950 and on the editorial board we find one of America’s best known graphic designers Alvin Lustig. The magazine sold for 5 or 6 times more than a weekly magazine like “Life” or “Time” and catered to a sophisticated European influenced readership of mostly males interested in fashion.

When we look at the masthead in this issue the first thing we notice is the variety of topics in the articles written, like a review of the book Siddharta, or how to take care of a horse and have your child learn to ride one. A certain amount of religious themes creep up as well. Philosophy is represented also well in various articles.

The magazine has numerous fabric swatches pasted on the page. One of the pages we illustrate here has an interesting new way of showing what the actual fabrics look like on a man’s shirt by using a plastic line drawing overlay.

gentry ad4gentry ad2gentry ad 3The photography with full spreads and unusual up shots gives this whole issue a somewhat surrealist feel, perhaps the cover leads us to expect a French or Italian magazine like some of the best ones published before the start of World War II. Undoubtedly, Alvin Lustig had something to do with this, best known for his versatility and open design approach.