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Here is a superb exhibition catalog dated 1971! The artist MARISOL had her first exhibition in a United States Museum, the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The catalog design was done by Shirley Erickson. The catalog was printed in an edition of 1500 copies and has a black carton cover with a head (Marisol?) holding a flower (my knowledge of Botany tells me it could be a carnation, but if I am wrong please forgive the ignorance). This cover has a definite surrealist feel just like the one in the previous post on the Gentry Magazine.

I assume the artist did not want to give all away, as the eyes are the mirror of the soul or the gateway to the inner-self, if you let me be the poet! Anyway, the art is really interesting and the back cover is the same as the front. The inside flap has the same picture as the front cover, but in reverse and the next opening (and closing) pages are coated silver carton similar to the cover stock. You guessed it!  When you open the cover of this catalog slowly, the inside cover is reflected in the silver mirror.

Absolutely beautiful. Open the back cover and the same thing happens. Kudos to the designer, WOW and this was way back in 1971. The catalog  measures 8 1/2″ x 9″.