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salviati lot 137In 1999 there was a Sotheby’s Auction sale in Chicago and lot 137 (in the catalog page shown above) was a piece of glass by the Swiss designer Claire Falkenstein who had done some very interesting pieces for the Salviati Company of Italy. I placed a bid on lot 137, but did not get the piece.

Several years later, I bought an archive of Salviati original photographs while in Europe. I discovered while looking at the photographs one showing the Salviati showroom in Italy, and a beautiful piece of glass, lot 137, in a prime spot jumping out at me, shown below.

photograph salviatiThe amazing thing about the photograph was it had no caption, but memory served me well. I still have a good number of unidentified photos to re-discover, and if I can, then I will share some of these stories with you.