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aspects art The book  Aspects of Modern Art was published as an anthology of writing on modern art from the best French Art magazine of the last fifty years “L’Oeil” (the Eye).

aspectsart2For the design lovers among us, the magazine published those great ads from Herbert Bayer who designed the ads for Knoll International  Furniture on the back cover. Yes, yes, yes. In between the articles on art there were great reportages on design as well in the original French magazine version. This book is subtitled “The Selective Eye III“. So there was a part I and II published before the date of this one which is 1957. Oldie but goodie and so what if some of the artists covered or writings about them are already well  known. I love the rare photos of artists like Hans Arp, the sculptor, sitting in his studio.

aspectsart4 Or reading that Brancusi, the 20th century modernist sculptor icon started to photograph his own art work because he did not like how  the “experts”  photographers portrayed his work.