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cesar sotheby coverAt times we have a strong opinion about an artist until we see some of the earlier work and then the whole picture changes again. We refine our artistic point of view and understand where the artist came from. Like, for a moment standing in his or her shoes. The same happens when we look at a bunch of flowers in a vase and then see the same type of flower in a real garden. All of the buzz is part of the bigger picture but buzz is not what makes up all of the picture and that is where choice comes in.

Reading the article about the artist Cesar (Caesar) in the Sotheby’s auction catalogue (shown above) of a few years ago and consequently going through my own files, I realized that Cesar had a fine following in the USA and his work was exhibited widely.

cesar weyheA well known New York photographer O. E. Nelson was responsible for the photos in the Weyhe Gallery catalog. Weyhe for a very long period was one of New York’s “Modern Art Galleries” throughout the 40’s to 60’s. Later the Gallery section was turned into one of the best book stores in Fine Art. In some follow up posts we will “capture” some more artists for you.