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The town of Toledo, Ohio has some wonderful things, one of them is the lesser known Toledo Museum of Art which houses the Molly and Walter Bareiss Collection of Modern Illustrated Books.

The museum published a superb book Splendid Pages on the Bareiss Collection in 2003 on the occasion of an introductory exhibit. Some of the most interesting essays in the book are by book gurus and experts like Riva Castleman, Johanna Drucker, Eleanor Garvey, other essays are by Michael Semff, May Castleberry, Mei-mei Bersebrugge and it has a superb story by donor Walter Bareiss on how the collection got started and why it ended up in Toledo.

We hope the Museum will soon show more of this collection. The book has 223 pages of sheer delight. If you happen to visit the museum do not despair there is a wonderful wooden 1950’s credenza by the modernist Italian architect and designer Ico Parisi on display and I have no idea how it got there.