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In 1940, the American Steuben Glass Company published a catalog announcing a new program, a limited edition series. Something which would satisfy a new type of affluent client: the aspiring fine art collector. From the catalog back cover we also learn that the company was awarded a Gold Medal at the 1937 Paris Exposition. This Internationally renowned award helped push the company to the forefront of design in glass at the time.

They hired twenty seven contemporary and widely known artists to design a work in glass for them with the help, of course, of the technical staff at the factory.

The idea was to limit the size of each piece to a total of 6 with one remaining at the factory, somewhat similar to a limited edition of 9 pieces in bronze where each one would be considered a unique piece of art. Below we show you some of the pieces produced, by artists not known for their glass work, quite a surprise! The prices listed are 1940! When a buck was still a buck.

Noguchi, of course, would go on and design a modern icon of the fifties, the  sculpturesque Noguchi table for the Herman Miller Company.

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