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The postcard photograph of the Moulin Rouge dates around 1900 and went through the mails in 1910. A popular topic then, I would think. Have a ball at the Moulin Rouge!!! Below is a short youtube video titled Moulin Rouge at Sunset by MXSmanic Productions. Thank you for a splendid look at the Moulin Rouge MSXmanic!

Everyone has heard of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the very very famous French Impressionist painter and lithographer, and some might have seen his paintings in Museums the world over. In Chicago at the Art Institute, they have a very nice interior view of his famous hang out, the Moulin Rouge Cabaret.

moulin rouge toulouse-lautrecSome of you surely have seen this famous poster (above) designed in 1891 perhaps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This famous one depicting a female cabaret dancer raising her skirt at the final Can-can during the nightly ball held at the Moulin Rouge which opened in 1889. How close can we come today to the Moulin Rouge?