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spain1Capa, the photographer was there, Hemingway the writer was there, and Picasso painted his most famous painting titled “Guernica” about it.

The Spanish Civil War divided the country into the Falangist/Fascist dictatorship under General Franco and the Republican/Anarchist/Communist/Anti Fascist Movement which included Capa and Hemingway and countless others.

Here is a sample propaganda book Estampas de la Revolucion Espannola 19 Julio de 1936 with a battered cover which in 31 pictures drawn by a relatively obscure artist by the fake name of Zinn literally takes the Revolution in his own hands depicting the heroic struggle against Franco’s troops in simple watercolors. The captions are in Spanish, French and English.

The format of the book is 10.5″x 13.5″, spiral bound with a heavy cover stock, the plates are printed by offset lithograph. The subjects include nurses who cared for the wounded, patriotic crowds, male and female soldiers with arms and so on. Zinn’s real name was Rey Vila and he was exiled to France after the war where he worked in Paris under his real name.