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mag19mag18mag17mag16mag15mag14mag13mag12mag11mag1mag21mag20mag3mag4mag5mag6mag7mag8mag9A Nation is as much defined by the visual aspects of their culture as by the language they speak, the colors they surround themselves with and by the climate they live in. The advertising agencies today know this very well, but in the first 40 years of the last century the so called advertising agency was in its infancy, especially in Europe.

In as much as the color printed lithograph poster for use in advertising was invented in Europe and widely used on the streets in Paris, Berlin, London and every major town on the European Continent. What was advertised in magazines and how it was advertised was very specific to each European Nation.

Italy with its Avant garde Futurism Movement, produced interesting advertising material, freer in the use of the photo montage. Some of the ads we show here are not directly influenced by Futurism, but all have a strong visual aspect, be it color, type, lay out, subject matter etc. Much of it shown here is not from “hi-brow” magazines, but from magazines geared to women, the traveler and the general public. They would have been seen by a larger group of people than those subscribing to expensive monthlies that advertised luxury goods.