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avantgardecoverfrontavantgardecoverbackFor art lovers and designers, from our bookshelf: Art News Annual was a publication owned by Newsweek and published in conjunction with the Art News a monthly magazine.

These annuals make for interesting reading many years later. In researching the Ron Padgett/Jim Dine book, The Poet Assassinated, for this post on Guillaume Apollinaire, the French Poet, I found an interesting article written by Ron Padgett who translated into the English language the Guillaume Apollinaire’s book Le Poete Assassine in 1968 into a new edition illustrated by Jim Dine the painter.

Yes, I found the Padgett article in the Art News Annual, Volume 34 (1968) titled The Avant Garde. Here us a look at the contents below.

It confirms the valid contributions made by numerous museum curators in articles ranging from Dada to Bauhaus to an article about Henry van de Velde, the early 20th Century architect. In order to relate better to Apollinaire and the importance of the book by Padgett and Dine, I decided to post the entire article here.

padgett4padgett5The collage cover for the hardbound Art Annual Avant Garde volume was done by the artist Joe Brainard (shown at the top of this post). Shown below is a photograph from the opening page of this volume: A Dan Flavin Artificial Barrier of Blue, Red, and Blue fluorescent light sculpture measuring 55 ft. long was shown in 1968 at the Municipal Museum in The Hague, Netherlands.

avantgarde danflavinNow let’s go back again to the book,  The Poet Assassinated by Apollinaire/Padgett/Jim Dine. The dust jacket and the cover to the hardbound book are the same. It has 128 pages, numerous black and white photos and illustrations done by Jim Dine and is a definite “livre d’artiste” albeit posthumously for Apollinaire.