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The World’s Illusion by Jacob Wasserman, was published twice; once in 1919 in the German language, and the second time in 1930 in a one volume edition by Harcourt, Brace and Co.

At the time, the Chicago Evening Post reviewed the book in the inside front flap as follows: “Its’ pictures of human souls and their destinies are sharper than those of Tolstoy and as deep as those of Dostoievsky.”

Remember this is the time of the Great Depression. I wonder if it were published today, what the review of the Chicago Evening Post would be? Given that one of our modern leaders hails from this windy city, with no offense to our Chicagoans, the hollow words blazed today by this leader has put us straight back into a greater depression with the help of the “masters of illusion” and their minions. The book is a difficult read, but the cover says it all!