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froydis haavardsholmThis interesting piece of (semi) official stationery with it’s wonderful colors was used at the telegram offices in Norway during the first two decades or longer in the 20th C. The Norwegian designer, painter and illustrator Froydis Haavardsholm (1896-1984) did the one on the top of this post.

Haavardsholm was a designer of stained glass also and did some marvelous designs for the windows of Oslo’s Grand Trinity Church and other church windows as well. She illustrated some poetry books, and religious tracts for Norway churches. I do not know anything about the stationery which dates from before the 1920’s (from our archives) but assume they were used to write the text for the addressee of the telegram. Here are also some others which appear to have been used during the 1920’s. They are elaborately printed with Deco themes and gold ink.

norway deco1norway deco2norway1

Above is a fabulous piece by another artist, Ynge Anderson and probably used for a very festive occasion. I wished I knew more about these nice examples!