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Recently, I came across a book printed in 1921  written by Frank Chouteau Brown titled Letters and Lettering , a treatise with 200 examples. It was published in Boston, Massachusetts by Bates & Guild Co. with 214 numbered pages and superb illustrations throughout the text.

The letter is the very first component of typography and thus the first component in any book. Any graphic designer or product designer would do good studying perhaps on their own a bit about script and letters. Later, one can get on and read Jan Tschichold’s books on modern typography, but this is only my opinion. Apparently the Letters and Lettering book is also available as an Ebook. Coincidence perhaps!

Interesting is the type examples below described as Modern German Capitals by Joseph Plecnik. Incidently, Plecnik was one of the very few Slovenian students in Otto Wagner’s master architecture class in Vienna, Austria around 1900 and who became known, as Slovenia’s most famous architect. I was not aware he had also designed type.