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We discussed this wonderful town briefly in an earlier post. If you ever go to France be sure to go to Colmar, so you will not miss this!

colmar a4The town has a wonderful small but very important museum dedicated to you would not guess. It is the hometown of this man, Bartholdi.

This important sculptor was born in Colmar. At the entrance to his museum , you will see a marvelous sculpture that looks like the Graces holding the weight of the world with a lot of patina on it. Obviously they have been holding the world up for quite sometime.

bertholdi 1This man was the creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York and the story behind the creation of this Statue is not widely known. It involved the engineer Eiffel see an earlier post.

The story of the creation of the Statue of Liberty could be taught, according to me, in school, in a course on “Patriotism“. For now, I can only give you this bit of information from the museum entrance, yes in French of course.