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prampolini coverThe contributions by Italians to the World of the Fine Arts are well known. Music is one of the those arts just like ballet, the opera or the theater. The book Scenotecnica was edited by Enrico Prampolini and published in 1940 under the auspices of the Triennale Decorative Arts Fair in Milan.

prampolini index Prampolini best known as an important component of the Futurist Movement twenty years earlier, put together this overview of the best of Italian and Foreign Stage Avant-Garde Design. The book is quite rare, many of the illustrations or photographs were not saved elsewhere and as such this publication is a permanent record where probably nothing else exists.

Interesting in my opinion, is the very contemporary design by Bruno Munari (below). Munari became well known as an Icon of modernist design in Italy during later years. Interesting also is the space given to him by the editors of two different dictionaries on 20th. Century design. Below is the entry of Contemporary Designers which we discussed as a design resource in an earlier post here.

The last printed entry (bottom) is from John Pile’s Dictionary of 20th Century Design. What a difference in opinion, representation and depth a concise entry makes. Please judge for yourselves.