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Modernism in architecture in the United States first took root in Chicago, Illinois.

To dig a bit deeper into some of the reasons behind this push, I would like to recommend reading a book by Carl W. Condit: The Chicago School of Architecture, a History of Commercial and Public Building in the Chicago Area 1875-1925. Although this is an older publication, printed in 1964 by the University of Chicago Press, it is in my opinion, one of the best historical books to read on the subject matter.

The book with 238 pages, is well illustrated with black and white photos. According to the inside flap it has a three fold purpose: ” first to place the Chicago school in its historical setting, showing it as at once the culmination of a century’s development in iron and later concrete construction and the chief pioneer in the evolution of modern architecture; second to assess the achievements of the School in terms of the economic, social, and cultural growth of Chicago. Third to show the ultimate meaning of the Chicago work for contemporary architecture.”