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Last week we left you with the discovery of the Cyber generator near Kandinsky’s house. (shown above) We thought this was the “place” where the Cyber dots were generated.

Just as we were ready to leave, one of us decided to check Kandinsky’s voicemail. Maybe this would give us a clue to where he went. What we overheard was incredible. Trotsky called Kandinsky to tell him to be quiet about the Cyber generator that produced “Fictitious Rays”. These rays could later be turned into Cyber dots through a secret process. He went on to say that he had a change of heart and after all was putting forward the idea of building the cyber pipeline anyway. When Kandinsky asked him why,  he replied, ” that although the basic resource had been already pledged to a another power by his own Politburo Secretary, the 30,000 cyber welders being held in the guarded Federation’s camp were getting unruly”. In an earlier phone message from Trotsky’s Muse, she told him that the San Francisco Politgang was about to infiltrate the camp to provide their famous “smoke and mirrors” leadership. In the camp, a rumor had already spread that the welders were going to be paid in ” green cyber dots ” not weighing much.  On previous jobs run by the State Concession Bureau they were paid with the generally accepted “greenbucks”. At that moment, Kandinsky sighed, took a deep breath and sputtered ” I hope you are not secretly selling my assets held in the State Museum”? You could almost hear Trotsky smile. A feeble arrogant smile when he whispered, ……….”are you kidding those have been replaced by fakes you fool!”. At this point the voicemail stopped and we suspected that something had happened to Kandinsky.

 We had to leave, it was running late. We heard on our car radio that the cyber Bard Congress had decided to award the highest medal of honor to Trotsky for saving the world of imminent collapse by introducing the Cyber Dot. His Chief Dot Counter, you know the one that looks like a bat, pledged the entire years output to some obscure sheik who claimed he had a hole drilled to the middle of the earth……….where liquid gold was thought  to be found. The entire Cyber Bard Congress, when they heard this statement stood up and applauded loudly singing, “yes we can, yes we can”. ….(episode 4) to be continued