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From our bookshelf: Plastics in Arts, published first in the French language (by Editions Andre Sauret), was published in English by Leon Amiel Publishers in New York in 1974. The layout and typography were done by Claude Verne, a French artist.

Wonderfully printed in a large size (10 x 12 inches). The text has a different color and type of paper than the rest of the book. The introduction is by Pierre Restany, the important French art critic of the 50’s through the 70’s.

The book discusses the use of various plastic materials used in contemporary art by different artists. The book ends with a description of the most common types of plastic materials used during this period.



There is a short biography for each artist covered in the book and in some instances, we can read a short interview done with the artist. If you think that plastics became important mostly in the 80’s, you are definitely wrong! French artists played a large role in the diffusion of that modern material already in the late 60’s.