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oeil-13Here is a wonderful French monthly Art magazine, L’OEIL (The Eye) from the 50’s and we are showing you some items out of two issues here. On one hand, this magazine covers a variety of articles, such as, gossip from the antiques world and the then current exhibitions. On the other hand, it allows us a close look into the then avant-garde world of art and design. It has some very nice advertisements, for example, for Knoll, the then leading furniture company of the avant-garde design world now gone mainstream.  oeil-14  oeil-1

oeil-16                                                                                                                                 Shown above is an article about the painter Riopelle.

oeil-18Here above is an article on Picabia the Dadaist/Surrealist. Below is the start of an article on the Italian company Olivetti and the graphic designs by Pintori for them.

oeil-2oeil-3The culture of the magazine is truly international with a strong French flavor, of course. The French public had a great opportunity to be well informed! Also below, we are showing, in its entirety, an article on illustrated books illustrating the depth of the review of the articles offered to the reader. Suffice it to say, this magazine used some of the best photographers in the world like Robert Doisneau, Rene Burri, Villani, Hinz and others. For this reason alone the magazine is worth collecting.