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parisny1From our bookshelf:  The “Art Digest” magazine published an annual in the 1950’s. This annual is dated 1959 and titled Arts Yearbook 3 PARIS/NEW YORK, an annual survey of the leading painters and sculptors of our time. It is in hardcover, 181 pages with a map in the front indicating the New York gallery locations and one in the back locating the galleries in Paris. The artists handled by these galleries are also listed.

The book is referenced in the collection of Hofstra University’s Howard L. and Muriel Weingrow Collection of Avant-Garde Art and Literature which is a superb 4000 + collection of books, magazines and ephemeral material. (number 2117 lists the 1961 edition). The Arts Yearbook annual is noted for its presentation of fine criticism.

parisny index Above is the content page. Of great interest to me are the various photographs reproduced in this particular issue, usually directly obtained from the photographer! Photographs by Steichen, Strand, Atget, Hine, Abbott, Webb and Frank. WOW! Some of these photographs could be unpublished up to that date and therefore a “first in media print“.

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