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gilardi2The magazine “Art in America” was first published in 1913. It gives a good overview of what happened in the art world, in general, over the last 80 plus years. Besides being interesting to read, it is also valuable for the advertisements it contains. We can learn a great deal about the art dealer’s scene. The ads allow us to find out which artists were represented by whom over the course of many years. Recently, going through some issues of the late 1960’s, I came across something that peaked my interest. I happen to like the Italian artist Piero Gilardi who invented new types of objects in a multiple edition.

gilardi 1                                                                                                                The article above is most likely the first announcement about Gilardi in print in the United States. It is in the September/October 1967 issue of “Art in America”. Now we also know who represented him in Paris in 1967. (see ad below)

gilardi paris

gilardi3Twenty years later, we find that the new multiples still work their magic with the general public. The original “manufacturerGufram re-issued some of the items made 20 years earlier and voila!

gilardi6The quantities written in by hand on the images are the approximate number of pieces produced (according to our source) and quite the opposite of what was announced in the brochure.