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artamericacover2In the Jan/Feb. 1970 issue of “Art in America” magazine, Donald Karshan, a well known writer on the arts and art critic, explained the importance and the difficulties in making a mass produced print versus “the precious” limited edition print. The magazine produced a fold out print in an edition of 50,000 by the New York School abstract painter Paul JenkinsJenkins was also well known in Paris. In the fifties, he participated with  the American painters Jackson Pollock and Joseph Glasco in a collective show at the Paul Fachetti Art Gallery in Paris.

The initiative in producing mass marketed fine art prints through the insertion in a magazine was an absolute novelty in the USA.  The French art magazines, “VERVE” and “DERRIERE LE MIRROIR” had preceded “Art in America” in inserting limited edition lithographs, albeit, not on such a large scale. “Art in America” produced their first large edition print in 1968 in collaboration with the American painter Larry Rivers. This volume type initiative is a forerunner of similar intended projects which happened on a much smaller scale in the 80’s and 90’s by contemporary magazines.