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artamericacover2In the November/December 1967 issue of “Art in AmericaMagazine, I found a very interesting article, “The Artist as Jeweler“. It is not about the diamonds that are a girls best friend, but on jewelry made by artists.

A nation hardly mentioned in this article that gave us many artists making jewelry is Italy. I have come up with a few good reasons why the Italians are so great at making jewelry. The first reason is the great skill by Italian artisans. The second reason is a centuries old tradition of jewelry making for both private individuals, as well as, in religious commissions for church prelates. A third reason, perhaps, is the social custom of “wearing part of your wealth“. This was adopted without qualms in America. The fourth reason is the excellent availability of professional schools and master silver and goldsmiths teaching the fine art of jewelry making, in well known centers like Padova in the Venice Region.

jewelry8Some well known Italian artists making jewelry were the brothers Gio and Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gino Marotta, Mario Schifano, the brothers Mirko and Afro Basaldella and more recently Alighiero Boetti, Bruno Ceccobelli, Giacinto Cerone to name a few. Many were sculptors with the innate ability to work in three dimensions. Now I would like to share this article with you.