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warhol coverA very interesting book written by Jesse Kornbluth with the title Pre-Pop Warhol, was published in 1988. The distinctive packaging is great and I wonder how many of you are aware of this book. The yellow tape spine with the brown cardboard cover is a bit delicate.

warhol opening pageWhen you open it up you feel the magenta endpapers popping out at you. The cover only has part of the words “Andy Warhol” from front to rear on it and nothing else.  In short it covers the years 1950-1965 before he became really famous and it discusses his commercial work for Tiffany and I. Magnin the department store famous for its shoe ads, designed by Warhol, of course. Warhol did a lot of commercial work like shop windows and book covers as well as record covers and the book has it all. Absolutely a worthwhile read !

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