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Cyber welders

Kandinsky is still missing! There are no leads as to his disappearance. His Cyber welders are still being guarded at the Federation Camp somewhere in the wilderness. The Cyber welders are the only ones who know how to produce the Cyber dots. Little does Kandinsky or Trotsky know the Cyber welders secret about the Cyber dots. The Cyber welders are made up of knowledgeable and very clever  workers.          Each has his own specialty. They have already formed color-coded teams according to their expertise. Remember there are 30,000 of them! They are planning their revolt by using the uniqueness of the Cyber dots. The yellow code represents all the aquatic manoeuvres.  The magenta code represents all the climbers and aerial exercises. The green code represents the runners and all that is fast. The red code represents all the energy deployments. Eventually Trotsky will be faced with a real dilemma  …Where is Kandinsky??  (episode 6) to be  continue…