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Who knows for how long we will be able to find interesting record covers? I know I have passed some up recently because they were not artist signed, but then again many times they were not signed. Record album covers are just as much a graphic art collectable as book covers are. Sometimes we enjoy the text and sometimes we enjoy the music! But either way, we can collect it for the ART first.

I wished I had heard some of the songs on this School Days LP in my younger years. This 1958 record cover (shown above) is illustrated by Irwin Rosenhouse (1924-2002) and signed Rosenhouse only. Irwin Rosenhouse also did the Pete Seeger album in 1958 and signed this one with his full name, Irwin RosenhouseRosenhouse was a well known figure on the lower East Side of New York City. A sometime book illustrator, although (I must admit) I have never seen a book cover by him, but surely he was an artist who knew how to draw!

Another fine LP, is Music for 1’s and 2’s for the younger crowd. I am sure Ben Shahn who illustrated the cover for this album did not come cheap.  By 1972 he was very well known. It always surprises me that so many “well known” artists took what is perhaps considered today by some people “menial graphic design” work in order to sustain themselves.

Of course, we can’t all be paid 100’s of millions to entertain the masses by kicking a ball. Collecting Andy Warhol record album covers can be a costly affair! The one shown below was done for Billy Squier dated 1982 and is easily recognizable and not costly yet. This one is not signed on the outside cover, but on the inside sleeve by Andy Warhol.