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madrid front coverThe images shown here are from a softcover book with the title MADRID, it was printed in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) in February 1937 at the height of the Spanish Civil War (also covered in our earlier post) by the legitimate government (an edition of the Commissariat de Propaganda de la Generalitat de Catalunya).

MADRID11The book shows, in a true 30’s photographic style, in awesome sober black and white photographs the suffering of regular victims of any and all wars, the civil population. The book also has two color spreads shown here also. Both the lay out and the photos are done by unknown sources.

madrid rear covermadrid page6madrid page1madrid pagemadrid page5madrid page2The book has a toned down revolutionary style and prefers to let the photographs speak for themselves.

I would not be surprised if some of these photographs were done by the photographer Capa! Perhaps some of our readers could tell us more.

The inside back cover shows a large question mark in red ink on a black page.