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You will not read it yet in an Ezine, nor read it in any Modernism Magazine yet, or any of those famous, famous magazines on Design. It is on the twicemodern blog!

First things first, if you do not know about Carlo Mollino, the “Pope of Italian Modernism” use this link or ask your modernist dealer in New York!

Now to the news, last year some collectors (we are not at liberty to tell you who) discovered something BIG, something really BIG in an out of the way location in Italy where this great treasure of 20th. Century design had languished for over 50 years. Not only was it discovered but once bought it was immediately on its way for a partial restoration and brought to a safe house somewhere in the North of Italy where it will be lovingly placed during its restoration until the owners decide there next move.

Carlo Mollino who practiced flying, car racing, architecture, design and photography was based in Turin, the town which gave Italy the Fiat car and which was and still is a hotbed of Italian design and manufacturing. A landscape littered with off beat garages and “Angel” mechanics who can nearly still fix anything by remaking it from scratch! Not by changing the chips! Mollino was also the inventor of a number of patents and a builder of the famous race car the Bisiluro. We have put up a link here to that story.

Chris Bangle, the ex-Chief stylist for BMW, phrases it this way:” Designwise, the Bisiluro fits into a catagory I would call non-car cars, those purposeful objects that stir the imagination of car designers.” The same holds true for this unique bus with its oval front and back window. The bus, a one of a kind piece, was originally designed as an advertising aid for the AGIP Company , one of Italy’s oil companies in mid 1950’s. Some period pictures do exist, but we bring you the real thing with perfect mechanics and the raw unpainted skin hand-beaten by Italy’s best panel beaters who would care more about a straight line than the perfect seams we would demand today. This bus was unlike anything designed in the 50’s with its triangular windows. Enjoy this discovery, as much as, we did in helping to take it off the trailer!!!