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from our bookshelf: General Ike A biography of Dwight D. Eisenhower, written by Alden Hatch and published during wartime in 1944 in a special book club edition has a very nice cover to it (shown above). The inside free fly front has another interesting illustration by the same designer Ray Prohaska and shows us where the focus was in those days! Something which in my opinion we could certainly use more of in this day and age, no matter what the denomination !

The book itself is illustrated with a few black and white photographs but it is the illustrator which merits a bit more attention as he was also a painter who did  very nice abstract work in my opinion. I have put a link here to the web site which tells you a bit more about him and his work than I could.  

I found an interesting fact about Ike’s tough character reading another book titled Great American Documents The Landmark Documents in our History, written by Rosalind Horton and Sally Simmons (London, Quercus Press 2007 ISBN 1847240054).


This book nicely reproduces old historical documents for you to see and has a commentary or anecdote written about them. I found it a useful resource, like this one here on Ike, (shown below) where  after winning the hard battles for victory he did not want to meet with the German High Command at the signing of the armistice, which in effect spelled the end of WWII in Europe. Earning once more the title of being a hard-nosed Commander-in-Chief with BALLS. Something we we would like to see used today!!!