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paris -w1 The book Paris of Today , written in 1900 by the English author Richard Whiteing is a fascinating inside look into Parisian life around the turn of the previous century seen by an outsider who was well known for his social concern. The binding of the book is wonderfully illustrated with the Paris Coat of Arms printed in gold. (see image above)

paris-w2He is also the author of a more famous book titled Number 5 John Street a real social commentary of the British Industrial Age! The Paris of Today book is finely illustrated in black and white in a typical French Art Nouveau style by the French artist Andre Castaigne. There are some unexpected illustrations of the 1900 Paris Expo in it as well.


paris-w7paris-w4We get to know Whiteing here as a mature writer who knows how to mix facts with his own sometime poignant observations about what made Paris tick. The book, no longer in copyright, is also available as a free Ebook download if you like to read more here is a linkparis-w6