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pulos-1The American Design Adventure written by Arthur J. Pulos is an excellent designer resource. (Published 1988 M.I.T. Press, hardcover Ed., 446 pages).

pulos-6Arthur J. Pulos, Chairman Emeritus of Syracuse University’s Design Department is a distinguished member of several National and International design organizations. The author probes all aspects of the work of industrial designers without ever resulting in placing them or their work in an isolationist situation, but always paying attention to place the work discussed in a proper socioeconomic context.

The book is well written with numerous unknown historical background facts. I would highly recommend this book to be read by novices to the design world as well as by the “initiated student” (a.k.a. collector or simply admirer) of design.

The author comes up with some amazing examples like refrigerators, shavers, mobile housing, furniture etc. (see the above index or some of the pictures here)