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David Macauley studied architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and had his first book The Cathedral published in 1973. This acclaimed book won immediately the prestigious Caldecott Honor Medal. It is clear to anyone who has either seen or read one of his books that what he does is a labor of love.

He is not only a brilliant artist who can draw, but also a gifted writer who can take a relatively complex concept and translate it into a book that both the novice to architecture and also the parent of a student can enjoy. Dare I say, even though his books are written with kids in mind, I know of some adults who absorb everything written in his books like the proverbial sponge.

Fantastic books for anyone involved with home schooling! The books will also enlighten the self-taught backyard builder with great aspirations. Here are some of the book covers and their titles.
You can go to David Macauley website to find out what else makes his artistic work so fascinating, whether he explains how a pyramid is built or what happens when building something underground. Guaranteed you will love the books!