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We are sharing here with you some photographs of Italian ceramics made from the 1930’s through the fifties. The intent is to let these wonderful pieces stand on their own merit without referring to who designed them and where. They are simple but elegantly expressed representations of the innate ability of the Italian designer/artist to address the daily need for drinking coffee or tea or serving a liquor in a carafe (top), or to create a simple water pitcher with a fresh approach to decorating (applied bands to imitate rope).

At the same time, there was a respectful and artistic approach to the expression of spirituality in the privacy of one’s home where the plaque or statue served as a reminder for a daily prayer.

These once common pieces were available in most areas of Italy, despite  a high price perhaps for some pieces or sets, but their existence shows the appreciation for innovative decoration or color and shape in the Italian home. In the fifies the characteristics of popular ceramics changed, but we can still sense the preoccupation with food and the appreciation of female beauty in these pieces below.