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dolcetti vase 2 pcs(All photographs copyright 2012 twicemodern, except where noted otherwise)

In this post, we are concerned only with ceramics produced during the twentieth century in Venice, Italy.

The general interest in ceramics in Italy coincides with the same time frame all over Europe, but to a lesser degree in Venice which is located not too far from another Italian ceramic center on the mainland, Bassano and Nove, towns in the Vicenza province.

The period we are interested in is 1920-1930. Venice, at that time, had become a hotbed of cultural activity. Painting and glass blowing went through a new revival and some of this influenced the ceramic field. Some important artists at the time were active in both fields like Vittorio Zecchin, Guido Cadorin, and later others like Sacchi, Flavio Poli, Santomaso to name some.

The pieces shown in this post are all from the Dolcetti Factory active from (1921-1928) and the two plates shown below are from the important 1987 catalog Terre Ferme Ceramiche del ‘900 a Venezia e Provincia.

dolcetti cat platedolcetti cat plate2The two most important contributors to the ceramic renewal were located in Venice proper. Active for a short period of time were Giacomo Dolcetti’s Factory and the Benedettelli Brothers’ Factory (Active 1921-1926). The Dolcetti factory made a variety of products, some seen in these photographs. We post the entire entry from the TERRE FERME Catalog for Dolcetti in Italian for those who want to elaborate and read ItalianDolcetti was well known for its “Deco” type round plates (from the Terre Ferme catalog shown above)

dolcetti text1dolcetti text 2

Equally well known are the pieces with the interesting green/grey and white glaze and usually decorated with a fantasy animal, the Griffin, a leftover from ancient mythology. The marks on the bottom show either initials, the full name, usually in combination with the prow from the ever present Venetian Gondola.

dolcetti plates and saucerdolcetti mark2dolcetti ricordi markdolcetti marks