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In researching and compiling this post, I was leafing through an older superbly edited Sotheby’s book sale catalog (The Book as Art  Part One Sale June 2, 1995, New York), and I would like to share a quotation with you:

“The livre d’artiste is, intrinsically, a book intended not for reading in the ordinary sway one reads, but for contemplation: a process of interaction with the book that moves complexly between text, papers, typography, illustration and binding, and that engages the sense of the hand equally with that of the eye. We may perhaps see them as secular Books of Hours.”

With so many different types of books, as well as, topics to collect and read today, I feel that there are many books out there that enlarge the traditional reading experience, even if these books are not so called livres d’artistes, but provide an equal pleasure of moving from page to page and letting our wondrous mind enjoy the calming experience, taking you away from the chores of a well worn day.

We have put together 50 museum and gallery catalogs, including some books on the Avant garde.  Below are the images of the fifty reading treasures.