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joni 1aI really love this record gate fold album from 1975 “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” by Joni Mitchell. I think her cover artwork is great and so is the inside photograph taken by avant-garde photographer Norman Seeff.

joni2a The snake and the people on the cover are embossed in print and give the silver/green cover a nice look.

Mitchell’s own words are interesting, as she announces what could be considered a real “gesamtkunstwerk” in the avant-garde tradition: “This record is a total work conceived graphically, musically, lyrically and accidentally-as a whole. The performances were guided by the given compositional structures and the audibly inspired beauty of every player. The whole unfolded like a mystery. It is not my intention to unravel that mystery for anyone but rather to offer some additional clues“. Wow! This is as good and clear a definition of her work and surely of her painting as I have read. I cannot own a Mitchell painting but this will do for now. The first title on the album is “In France They Kiss on Main Street“. Sweet memories o yes! By the way, look for Joni Mitchell’s signature in the photo below in the bottom middle.

joni signaturea