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hulberts titleaHere is a curious book from our shelf. The title is The Select Museum of the World, or One Thousand Descriptions of Remarkable Antiquities, Curiosities, Beauties & Novelties of Nature & Art, in Asia, Africa, America & Europe by Charles Hulbert.

It was published and printed in 1823 in England by the author. Now the long title leads one to think that this book is folio size and probably 1000 pages with all the news and wonderful things one could talk about.

It is not an encyclopedia like the Diderot and Alembert, but a rather small volume containing curious news, travel descriptions, a bit of philosophy, a real raconteur’s book, if you will, may be at par with some modern check out counter literature for the masses. The writer paid for it and printed it like an 19th Century mini Barnes and Noble (I liked Borders a lot better though) and obviously he had some interesting things to say like this about an interesting topic like religion.

hulbert page1ahulberts page2a hulberts page 3aIn another chapter he describes the various religions found in the American States in 1823, (which is 17 years after Jefferson translated the Koran into English according to a newly published book by author David Barton, translated to warn the public against the dangerous things said in it) and yes, American ships had ridden the waves of the high seas with patent letters allowing them to attack and destroy “Berber Pirate Ships“. After you finish reading the chapter here, you might come to the same possible conclusion I did.

hulberts 1ahulberts2ahulberts3ahulberts4ahulberts5aNeither Obama’s Pseudo Religion, the Nation of Islam, nor Romney’s Religion were mentioned here, so either they did not exist, the writer had not heard of them or they were real small, yes small, very un-important, mini-minorities who did not rule anything of any importance in 1823, there were no Mosques or Minorets visible nor Mormon Temples in the States surveyed. Believe it or not, the topic for this post was chosen randomly from the book.