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hun-kepesWho is this man? When we think of the Hungarian Nation and their Avant garde artists some of us might have heard of those fabulous Zsolnay ceramics produced with eosin (Highly glazed) glazes around the turn of the 20th Century.

Those who are interested in the Bauhaus surely know about one of the famous teachers in GermanyLaszlo Moholy-Nagy who later in Chicago would start the “New Bauhaus“. Those of us who are chair aficionados know about the “Prince” of chairs, Marcel Breuer whose new designs would be copied the world over.

Book lovers might know the Lajos Kassak, the editor and co-founder of the short-lived Hungarian Avant garde magazine “MA“. Photography collectors could fill a post with famous names. The man pictured above is Gyorgy Kepes! The man Moholy-Nagy turned to at the Chicago Institute of Design to head up a new department, the Light and Color Department. In 1944 he finished the book Language of Vision that has become a classic in architectural, design and art schools. In 1945, Kepes was asked to establish a program in visual design at the School of Architecture and Design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (the above picture courtesy of the 1978 retrospective exhibition and catalog devoted to his years at MIT 1945-1977) .

kyepes articleIncredibly influential as a teacher and Editor he put the greatest writers together as Editor of a series of books called the Vision and Value Series for publisher George Braziller in the mid sixties featured above in period advertising and two book covers from our collection.

hun-book1hun-book2Just look at some of the names! In 1987 a New York Gallery, the Kovesdy Gallery featured the work of other Hungarian avant garde artists in a key exhibition to which Mr. and Mrs. George Soros were lenders!

hun-1the Director of The Institute for Modern Russian Culture, John Bowlt wrote an introductory essay which I think is useful and included below.

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