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So far Kandinsky vanishes after he found out all of his assets in the State Museum were replaced with fakes by Trotsky. And, the Cyber Welders formed color-coded teams in anticipation of their planned revolt.

Recently, one of Kandinsky’s loyalists appeared at the guarded Federation Camp where the 30,000 Cyber Welders are being held somewhere in the wilderness. It appears the loyalist brought with him a book titled, The Rising Son  (shown above) to give to the Cyber Welders as directed by Kandinsky. The guards at the Camp did not suspect anything fishy about this episode. It was common for such literature to be delivered to the Camp from time to time. All supposedly being part of the development of the cyber dots. This time was different though. In between the pages in this book were secrets, shortcuts, buzzwords, and descriptions of vehicles to be used for their escape from the Federation Camp. It was written in this book details of where the vehicles would be located and where they would take the Cyber Welders during their planned revolt!

Kandinsky knew all about the Cyber Welders color-coded teams and their manoeuvers. After all he had an old acquaintance, a former priest, Don Pedro who lived with a fellow who worked at the Federal Printing Office. Kandinsky heard from Don Pedro that there was a secret plan being formed inside the Camp. After Kandinsky learned his assets were sold by Trotsky and replaced with fakes, he decided to change sides and plot against Trotsky. Will the Cyber Welders trust the information in Kandinsky’s book? Or will the Cyber Welders go forth on their own??? (episode 7) to be continued…