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vintage golfWill you be heading for the green? Only the fortunate few somewhere on the course will head for a win. I bet you, all players would admire these golf shoes. By some considered the finest made-to-order golf shoes in the world. These are a rare real un-used lace up vintage pair of Aristocrafts by Johnston & Murphy Shoemakers. Once considered makers of some of the finest American shoes, not to be compared with today’s out-sourced offshore mediocre shoe output.

No I will not be playing in these…ever. Before they will be sold soon, I wanted to share this fabulous pair with all those shoe fans who will never own a pair like this. (size 9 1/2 C/A). They would not look bad on the parcel shelf of an Audi Coupe or Range Rover either. However have no fear my fans these will not be sold to the owner of a car dealership soon unless in Hong Kong or Singapore perhaps.

Now somewhere, I knew I had an original signed (but not shown here) (number 266/300) lithograph by the German born, but considered French, painter Jan Balet who actually did most of his own printing as he was a master printer as well.

cordonnierSince this 1970/1980’s lithograph (shown above) size19 1/2″H x 25 1/2″W, image 13 1/4″x17 1/2″ relates to shoes, I decided to put it up here as well. “Cordonnier” means cobbler in French or in ordinary speak shoemaker. There is nothing “economique” about the golf shoes however, but you do not have to be a tycoon either to own these. Of course if all you wear are sneakers you probably would not care about any of this anyway.