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I have to admit among the literary greats read by me, there was never anything by the author William Faulkner. So when I came across a 1967 second printing of the Faulkner-Cowley File by Malcolm Cowley with a fabulous dust jacket bought in an out of the way bookshop recently, it became the impetus to expand my reading and delve into Faulkner in a safe way by not reading an actual book by him. Instead I enjoyed reading the letters and memories of the two writers: Faulkner and Malcolm Cowley the author of the book !

The hardbound book with its 184 pages has a dust jacket based on a photograph taken by Henry Cartier-Bresson (Magnum Agency) by Muriel Nasser. The back dust jacket cover is shown here below.The only disappointing factor about this book is the actual binding that appears to have a “deco look” on the front cover (shown below) with the lines extending to the spine and gold lettering on burgundy cloth. The lines do not continue on the back cover making it look very plain and unbalanced. Probably a rush job!